BULLETIN- September 22nd, 2019- The 15th Sunday after Pentecost

The 15th Sunday after Pentecost

September 22, 2019

Emmanuel & St. John’s Ev. Lutheran Church

Mecan & Montello, WI

St. John’s  Ev. Lutheran Church 313 East Montello St. Montello, WI 53949 Emmanuel  Ev. Lutheran Church W1568 Evergreen Lane Montello, WI 53949    

  Pastor Peter Zietlow  


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XW E L C O M E    T O    O U R    C H U R C H X We extend a warm welcome to everyone today, especially our visitors.  In the bulletin you’ll find an outline of today’s service, a calendar of events and other bits of information.  In the red hymn book you’ll find the songs we sing and the order of service that we follow. If you would like a large print hymnal or bulletin please ask one of our ushers and they will gladly assist you.  Restrooms and nursery area are located in the parish hall at Emmanuel and in the lower level and link-way at St. John’s.  It’s nice to have you visit today. “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another–and all the more, as you see the day approaching” (Hebrews 10:25). Welcome to God’s house!  May God bless our worship together.  
XG O D ’ S     W O R D    F O R     T O D A Y X “Hey, that’s my seat!”  School children get in fights day after day, arguing over their special place.  Adults look and laugh, and yet we  do the same in life when we take pains to assure that we get what’s coming to us – at work, at home, among friends and family – and that everybody sees and knows how important we are.  But in these lessons we are reminded that our King is coming, the Almighty Ruler of the universe, Jesus Christ, next to whom, because of sin, we are nothing and deserve the lowest place.  But, because of His love for us, Jesus invites us to the place of honor.      


XP R A Y E R     B E F O R E     W O R S H I P X O Lord Jesus Christ, preserve this congregation of believers with your never-failing mercy.  Help us avoid whatever is wicked and harmful and guide us in the way that leads to our salvation.  Through your Holy Word and by your Holy Spirit, come to us, forgive our sins, and cause our faith to grow in strength and productivity–so that, with your help, we produce many fruits of faith pleasing to you.  Bless our worship today, in Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen    


XP R E P A R A T I O N   F O R   W O R S H I P X

We prepare ourselves to worship the one Savior God by expressing our humble repentance, offering our fervent prayers and singing our thankful hymns of praise.

OPENING HYMN 478                                                        With the Lord Begin Your Task

Please stand

CONFESSION OF SINS                                                                                              hymnal page 38

We confess to God that we have failed to live up to the perfect standards in his

law, and we plead for his mercy.

ANNOUNCEMENT OF FORGIVENESS                                                                   hymnal page 38

The pastor announces the forgiveness of sins won for us by the perfect life and innocent sufferings and death of Jesus, our Savior.

OH TASTE AND SEE                                                                                                                             hymnal page 39

This paraphrase of Psalm 34:8 reminds us of how sweet the good news of salvation is for Christians. Those who take refuge in Jesus, our Good Shepherd, are blessed.


M: Almighty God, your Son our Savior was taken up in glory and intercedes for us at your right hand. Through your living and abiding Word, give us hearts to know him and faith to follow where he has gone; who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

C: Amen.

Please be seated for the day’s Scripture readings

XT H E   W O R D X

The Lord Jesus speaks to us in Scripture reading, preaching and song.

FIRST LESSON                                                                                                                                  Proverbs 25: 6, 7

Summary: Humility is appropriate for Christians

Do not exalt yourself in the king’s presence, and do not claim a place among great men; it is better for him to say to you, “Come up here,” than for him to humiliate you before a nobleman.

PSALM 119a                                                                                                                                                hymnal page 109

Men sing first line, women sing second line and all sing refrains and Gloria.

SECOND LESSON                                                                                                                             Hebrews 13:1-8

Summary: A humble Christian loves people and uses money

Keep on loving each other as brothers.  Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it. Remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering. Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.  Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” {Deut. 31:6}  So we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.  What can man do to me?” {Psalm118:6,7}

Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

VERSE OF THE DAY                                                                                                               Jeremiah 15:16

Alleluia. Your words became a joy to me, and the delight of my heart. Alleluia.

C: Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! These words are written that we may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!                            

Please stand

GOSPEL LESSON                                                                                    Luke 14:1, 7-14  (today’s sermon text)

Summary: Jesus pictures true humility and generosity

One Sabbath, when Jesus went to eat in the house of a prominent Pharisee, he was being carefully watched.

When he noticed how the guests picked the places of honor at the table, he told them this parable: “When someone invites you to a wedding feast, do not take the place of honor, for a person more distinguished than you may have been invited.  If so, the host who invited both of you will come and say to you, `Give this man your seat.’ Then, humiliated, you will have to take the least important place.  But when you are invited, take the lowest place, so that when your host comes, he will say to you, `Friend, move up to a better place.’  Then you will be honored in the presence of all your fellow guests.  For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

Then Jesus said to his host, “When you give a luncheon or dinner, do not invite your friends, your brothers or relatives, or your rich neighbors; if you do, they may invite you back and so you will be repaid.  But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed.  Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.”

C: Praise be to you, O Christ!                                   

Please be seated

HYMN OF THE DAY 454                                                                        I Gave My Life for Thee

SERMON                                                                                                                        Luke 14:1, 7-14

“Jesus’ Lesson on Attitude Adjustment”

Let’s learn:

  1. Genuine humility
  2. Unselfish  charity

Please stand

APOSTLES’ CREED                                                                                       hymnal page 41

Please be seated

X O F F E R I N G S   O F   G I F T S   &   P R A Y E R S X


The ushers now gather the “Thank-Offering.”  Members of this congregation show their thanks to God for all he has done for them by returning a portion of their income to the Lord.  Through these free will offerings, this congregation and its ministries are maintained.  Guests need not feel obligated to contribute. Please also sign our Friendship Registers and greet one another.


The Offering Prayer, Befriend a Mission Prayer and Intercessory Prayers are spoken by pastor. Please see announcements for those on our Intercessory Prayers list (pg. 8).

Please stand

LORD’S PRAYER                                                                                                                                       hymnal page 43

Please be seated

HYMN 439:1-2                                                                                        Lord, Take My Hand and Lead Me

Please stand

CLOSING PRAYER & BLESSING                                                                           hymnal page 43, 44

Please be seated

CLOSING HYMN 439:3                                                                                 Lord, Take My Hand and Lead Me

As you leave today’s service, please give your completed Friendship Register sheet to an usher or pastor.

XAnnouncements X

Activities for the week of September 22-September 28
Sun. 8:00 A.M. Emmanuel Worship
  8:30 A.M. St. John’s Sunday School
  9:00 A.M. SJ Adult Bible Study at St. John’s
  10:00 A.M. St. John’s Worship
  11:00 A.M. St. John’s Welcome Home phone tree meeting
Mon. 6:30 P.M. Choir at St. John’s
  7:30 P.M. Adult Bible Study at St. John’s
Tues. 6:30 P.M. Men’s Bible Study at St. John’s
  6:30 P.M. St. John’s Evangelism meeting
Wed. 8:00 A.M. St. John’s School Chapel
  10:00 A.M. Adult Bible Study at St. John’s
  1:40 P.M. St. John’s School/Little Lambs Early Release
  2:15 P.M. Public School Teen Confirmation Class at St. John’s
  6:30 P.M. St. John’s Worship
  7:30 P.M. Bible Information Class begins at St. John’s 
Thurs. 8:00 A.M. St. John’s School Confirmation Class
  10:00 A.M. Montello Care Center Devotion with communion
  6:00 P.M. Griefshare at St. John’s lower level (4 of 13 weeks)
  6:30 P.M. Preschool Family Night at St. John’s
Fri. 8:00 A.M. 7th/8th Grade Visitation at WLA
Theme for Next Sunday September 29 , 2019 Pentecost 16: “Be Wise! Know the Lord and Know Yourself” 316NOW Mission Festival w/ guest pastor Jim Kleist
8:00 A.M. 316NOW Mission Festival Worship at Emmanuel
8:30 P.M. St. John’s Sunday School
9:00 P.M. St. John’s Adult Bible Study at St. John’s
10:00 A.M. 316NOW Mission Festival Worship at St. John’s
11:15 A.M. 316NOW Mission Festival Lunch and Presentation at St. John’s

INTERCESSORY PRAYERS – For those hospitalized, ill, shut-in and facing trials: Ron Blada, Liola Crown & son Terry, Agnes Dassow, Reinold Eckelberg, Lilah Farrell, Xzander Jahr, Chris Krause (Gordy and Linda’s son), Earl “Pete” Laun, Robert Lederer (Jackie and Jeanne Buchholz’ father), Delvin Mittelsteadt, Mark and Peggy Russell (Elsa’s son and daughter in-law), Doris Smith, Jennifer Strauss, Karl Whitrock, Shirley Wilkens – (added this week: )

– For Dustin Loveland and Melanie Shadel who were united in marriage on 9/14

– For submission to God’s will

– For those straying from the church


Worshiping our God—listening to him speak to us in his Word and responding with our praise—is always special. However, it can be especially joyful when the house is packed. Think of the singing on Christmas Eve… or the way we need to set up chairs on Easter Sunday. Yet, even on those days, we have members who are out of town.

The goal of Welcome Home Sunday is to have a day when everyone that is part of our Christian family comes together. After all, church is supposed to be a home, and believers are kin. Our focus of worship on this day is the blessing of Christian community. Thus, we want 100% of our members there.

Please do everything possible to set that date aside so that we can pack the house that day. Following the 10:00a.m. St. John’s service, breakfast will be served in the lower level of church.

PLEASE JOIN FAMILY AND FRIENDS AS WE CELEBRATE WITH A PARTY IN HONOR OF BETH JOHNSON’S 90TH BIRTHDAY Saturday, September 28th from 1:00-4:00pm Open House, Location: Senior Dome 140 Lake Ct. Montello, WI (Behind Fire Station) No gifts please.

CHOIR Sing the praises of the Lord, you his faithful people; praise his holy name. – Psalm 30:4. If you love to sing, please consider joining the joint choir of St. John’s and Emmanuel. Choir practices are Monday evenings for just an hour at 6:30. Please contact Lynn Sellnow if you are interested in joining the choir, or if you have questions. 

SUNDAY BIBLE STUDY We begin to gather by 9am and are ready to go by 9:15am. “They” were watching Jesus. We need to be be watching him too! How? Why? 

MEN’S BIBLE STUDY Faith is not a good feeling you have. Faith is not the cause of but the result of Truth. Faith says “Yes” when everything else says “No.” This week we will look at the faith of Abel. What made him a hero? Tuesday, 6:30pm. Church basement. Men – about 15 other guys would love to have you join them!

ACTS–ACTIONS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT THROUGH THE GOSPEL IN THE EARLY CHRISTIAN CHURCH Adult Bible Study meets Monday at 7:30pm & Wednesday at 10am in the St. John’s conference room.  

NEW LIFE IN CHRIST Bible Information Class (leads to membership) is at 7:30pm in the St. John’s conference room (alternate times may also be scheduled).

ST. JOHN’S CHURCH DOORS To keep updated on the St. John’s Church Door Project, check out the bulletin board located in the Information Room at St. John’s. The given donation did not cover the full cost of our new doors so donations are still accepted to help offset the remaining cost.

FRIENDSHIP REGISTERS Please complete the friendship register page each week. This helps your pastor and other church leaders stay in touch and keep contact information up to date. Thanks!

GRIEFSHARE The 13-week session of Griefshare has begun. Sessions are held at 6:00p.m. in the lower level of St. John’s. Join us for week #4, September 26.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call Mark Emond (608) 697-1600.

CHILDREN’S CHURCH BAGS Please help yourself to the bags that are hung on the tree in St. John’s Information Room at St. John’s and entry way at Emmanel. Please return them after each service.

ACH What is ACH? Automated Clearing House is an electronic payments network use by individuals, businesses, financial institutions and government organizations. The network functions as an efficient, electronic alternative to paper checks. It allows funds to be electronically debited or credited to a checking account, savings account, financial institution general ledger account or credited to a loan account. Please pick your form up in the Information Room or the office and get started today!

FORWARD IN CHRIST Please do not turn in any past Forward in Christ magazines as we no longer accept them due to the personal information that is provided inside. Thanks!

MEDITATIONS New “Meditations” WELS daily devotional booklets are available in the church entry (many thanks to our generous members for donating!)

CHRISTIAN ONE-LINERS (from a WELS pastor):  “Forbidden fruits create many jams.”

SCHOLASTIC BOOKFAIR St. John’s is looking for an individual(s) who would want to run the Scholastic Book Fair. This has been a big success for our school and students in the past and we would love to continue this. Call the office if you or someone you know is interested!

EASTER FOR KIDS COORDINATOR WANTED If you, or someone you know, are interested please contact Linda Wachholz 608-369-2635. Linda is willing to train!

FALL MISSION OFFERINGS ARE BEING COLLECTED DURING SEPTEMBER  Please use the collection container where you are a member:  in the church entrance both at Emmanuel and at St. John’s. Home Mission-Outreach to Asians and World Mission-Ukraine Project will benefit. Offerings are welcome from anyone with a heart for missions!  DEADLINE:  Sunday, September 29.

HAVE YOU ENTERED THE LWMS TRIVIA CONTEST OR VISITED THE BE-A- FRIEND TREE AT THE LINKWAY DISPLAY at St. John’s?  The women of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS) thank you for supporting WELS missions!!

316NOW MISSION FESTIVAL ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 Learn about the ministry committed to proclaiming grace across China NOW.  Special Freewill Offering for 316NOW at both services. Guest speaker is one of the administrators of this ministry. Schedule for the day:

   8:00 a.m.            Emmanuel Mission Festival service

   9:30 a.m.            Learn about 316NOW’s Sheep to Lambs Initiative (school classroom)

   10:00 a.m.          St. John’s Mission Festival service

   11:15 a.m.            Luncheon in St. John’s lower level for EVERYONE!  (Freewill Offering)

   12:00 noon        316NOW power point presentation by guest speaker..come learn more!


PROJECT FOR PERIDOT-OUR SAVIOR LUTHERAN SCHOOL IN APACHELAND The women of the LWMS invite our church families to help us 1) collect 4 items for Peridot: crayons, markers, pencils, & glue sticks.  2) collect monetary donations to help Peridot purchase Scholastic books.  Collection containers at each church.  Your help is appreciated!  We will collect through Sunday, October 13.

BE A FRIEND!  God tells us in Proverbs 17:17a that “A friend loves at all times.”  This week would YOU be a friend and share God’s love & encouragement by sending a card/note/email to these WELS missionaries.  It would mean a great deal to:

Pastor Bradley & Susan Wright

c/o Risen Savior Ev. Lutheran Church

1685 Lexington Avenue

Mansfield, OH 44907

Email:  pastorbradwright@gmail.com

Beaver Dam Circuit FALL RALLY

of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society

Saturday, October 19, 2019

9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

at Zion-Columbus (Co-hosts St. John-Doylestown)

Speakers:  Pastor Dennis & Nancy Meier

“The Light of the Gospel Continues Shining in the Desert”

(125 Years of Apacheland Mission History)

Carpooling Signup in the Information Room at St. John’s

Attendance Emmanuel St. John’s
9-15                                     9-18 95                                        157                                       5   
St. John’s Altar Committee September 2019 Diane Eisermann & Delores Cotte
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