Updated Response to Worship Concerns Created by COVID-19

St. John’s Lutheran Church Montello & Emmanuel Lutheran Church Mecan 

Updated Response to Worship Concerns Created by COVID-19 

July 30, 2020 

When will we worship? An outdoor Saturday service is being added to help members worship in a safe environment. This service will replace the Wednesday evening service. 

● Saturdays @ 4:30 pm (Any St. John’s or Emmanuel members)-Beginning Saturday, August 15 

● Sunday @ 8:00 am Emmanuel (Emmanuel members) 

● Sunday @ 10:00 am St. John’s (St. John’s members 55 and older) 

● Online worship services continue found at stjohnsmontello.org 

Where will we worship? Groups should be 50 or less indoors. To provide safe worship experiences, the new Saturday worship service will be held outdoors when weather permits. 

● Saturday @ 4:30 pm will be an outdoor service on the lawn behind the parking lot of St. John’s. In case of inclement weather, we will move to the sanctuary. 

● Sunday @ 8:00 am at Emmanuel in the sanctuary 

● Sunday @ 10:00 am at St. John’s in the sanctuary 

How will we worship? Providing a safe worship experience is a high priority for the leaders in our congregations. Because the virus continues to spread, and because of the science regarding singing and speaking, the following policies will be continued and new ones enacted immediately: 

● Please use the hand sanitizer upon arrival at the worship service. 

● Masks will currently be optional at all services (see below**) Masks will be available. 

● Designated seating will be provided indoors to provide for social distancing. 

● Please bring lawn chairs for the outdoor service. Some seating and a canopy may be available. 

● The congregation is asked to not sing for the time being. 

● Services will be shortened to a length of approximately 40 minutes. 

● A soloist will sing the hymns and any liturgical responses. 

● Continuous communion will be practiced on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month. The Saturday before the 2nd and 4th Sundays will also include communion. Family units are encouraged to commune together. 

● The congregations should exit the sanctuary from the back at the end of the service, taking all belongings including the bulletin along with them. 

● The sanctuary will be cleaned and sanitized between services. 

● **We will abide by any state or local mandates that may change any of these policies 

As we hold firmly to the truths of scripture, we know that God continues to keep his promises to us. He has promised the wonderful spiritual blessings of forgiveness, life, and salvation. He has not, however, promised that things will always remain the same. In the words of our synod president, Mark Schroeder, “we recommit ourselves–as individuals, as congregations, and as a synod–to the mission that God has called us to carry out, trusting that he will bless us in that work.” Let us work together as we move forward as a congregation. Let us help, support, and encourage each other as we gather around God’s Word.