The End – May 5, 2022

In a loud voice they were saying: “Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!”
Revelation 5:12

The End

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Daily Devotion – May 5, 2022

Devotion based on Revelation 5:12

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God has wired us for stories. Our own experience reflects this. If someone presents us with endless bullets of factoids on a PowerPoint screen, we will likely lose interest. Weave that same information into a gripping story, however, and our attention remains. It’s simply how our Creator has put us together.

This probably should come as no surprise. After all, Christianity is the greatest story of all time, and a story that happens to be absolutely true. It starts with Creation, then the Fall into sin, then God’s promise to send a Savior from sin. Then, God guides the twists and turns of history until the moment is right for the Savior to arrive. When he does, Jesus Christ does exactly what needs to be done to live a holy life on our behalf and suffer and die for our every sin. Then, according to his promise, he rises from the dead.

And this drama is still unfolding. You and I are fighting the good fight. We battle the temptations of the world, the temptations of Satan, the temptations of our old sinful natures. Often we overcome, but sometimes we stumble. Sometimes we fall. When we do, The Bible brings us to repentance, Jesus refreshes us in his forgiveness, and his gospel empowers us to get back up.

Through all of this, you and I are collecting scars, but that’s all right. We know it’s all right because our Lord has chosen to tell us how this ultimate adventure is going to end. In the last book of the Bible, the apostle John receives a revelation of what you and I are going to see. In the end, there is victory and peace and joy, unbridled and pure. Jesus is at the center. Multitudes of angels are there. You and I are there, along with all those of all time who have trusted in Jesus. And we fill the heavens with our shouts and songs.

Lord Jesus, thank you for showing me how all this is going to end. Refresh me day by day as I fight the good fight. Amen.

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