Real – February 10, 2018

We did not follow cleverly invented stories when we told you about the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of his majesty.
2 Peter 1:16


Daily Devotion – February 10, 2018

Devotion based on 2 Peter 1:16

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In 2001, director Stephen Spielberg and actor Tom Hanks paired up to produce the most expensive television miniseries when it was created. The title of the miniseries was Band of Brothers. The ten-part drama followed a company of World War II soldiers from their basic training through the end of the war.

In this miniseries, the characters were colorful. The plot twists were riveting. The battle scenes were beyond intense. For those who watched the entire program, however, perhaps it’s the conclusion of the final episode that packs the most powerful punch. You see, each episode of Band of Brothers began with an old man talking to an off-screen interviewer. Over the course of the series, the various old men became familiar faces as they quietly spoke of their days as young soldiers. Only at the end of the ten-part story did you learn their names. They are the very men depicted in the miniseries. They are the Band of Brothers. Their story was not fiction. Their story was real.

When Peter sat down and wrote his second letter, he was an old man too. The Holy Spirit has brought the timeless Word of God from Peter’s hand to this moment, to you and me. Across the centuries, therefore, Peter wants us to understand something. He wants us to understand something about what he and all the others have recorded in the Bible about Jesus. He wants us to understand that they did not write it down for entertainment. They did not write it down to tell a rousing story. They did not write it down to keep us spellbound with colorful characters and riveting plotlines. They wrote it down because that’s what happened. They wrote it down because they were eyewitnesses. They wrote it down because it was real.

That means that your forgiveness in Jesus is real. It means that his guiding hand in your life is real. It means that his promise to uphold you is real. It means that your security in him is real.

Holy Spirit, as I read your Word, fill me with the awareness that Jesus’ life and death and resurrection took place in real time, for me and for all. Amen.

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