Follow the Leader – January 27, 2021

“Come, follow me,” Jesus said . . . At once they left their nets and followed him.
Mark 1:17,18

Follow the Leader

Daily Devotion – January 27, 2021

Devotion based on Mark 1:17,18

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“Follow the Leader” is a popular game with children. One child leads the other children around the area where they are playing. Each of the other children tries to do exactly what the leader is doing—walking a certain way, navigating around obstacles, or doing whatever the leader chooses. The more creative the leader, the more challenging and fun the game can be.

Simon and Andrew were fishermen, a good middle-class job in first-century Palestine. Then one day, they heard about a prophet named John. They went to listen to him and were intrigued by what he said. His message held such promise. The kingdom of God is near, he told them. The Savior God has promised is on his way! Get ready! Believing John’s message, Simon and Andrew became his followers.

But John was eventually arrested and thrown into prison because of what he taught. Now whom would Simon and Andrew follow? Who would be their leader?

The question was soon answered when Jesus called out to them one day as they were fishing. “Come, follow me.” And what did they do? They didn’t hesitate. They didn’t ask for time to think about it. They believed he was their Savior. They left everything to listen to him, to worship him, and to serve him. They followed him.

Jesus wants us to follow him too. He knows it won’t always be easy. Not everyone will like what we say and do when we imitate him. But it will be worth it! Following Jesus means following the one who forgives our sins and promises us eternal life in heaven. It means following the one who gives our lives meaning, purpose, and hope. And that is a leader worth following.

Jesus, in your Word, you call me to follow you. Help me to trust your promises and to follow you in faith. Amen.

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