Remain in My Love – May 7, 2018

“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love.”
John 15:9

Remain in My Love

Daily Devotion – May 7, 2018

Devotion based on John 15:9

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“Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to him belong. They are weak, but he is strong.” The words of this song are simple, yet they are profound. Think about it, Jesus loves me! And not only does Jesus love me, God the Father also loves me. As a result, my life is blessed richly and daily with everything I need. What more could I desire than knowing God the Father preserves and protects me from every danger? Now, couple this with Jesus’ unselfish and self-sacrificing love, I should be able to live every day rejoicing in the love which is mine. But do I?

Every day I can be certain of the love my Lord and Savior has for me. Still, every day I am tempted to question his love. I am distracted by things that the world offers. My attention is drawn to all the things I do not have. The world wants me to cut my ties with the Lord and pursue its empty pleasures and fleeting treasures. The devil also joins with the world to form an unholy alliance. He fills my heart with discontent and greed. He seeks to deceive me into believing God is withholding something from me. Worse yet, he looks to make me believe that God is punishing me by not giving me my heart’s desire.

The only way I can combat the world’s influence and the devil’s deceptions is to focus my attention solely on the words and work of my Savior. Jesus exhorts me to “remain in his love.” He, then, strengthens and encourages me to do just that. Through his precious life given into death, through his resounding victory over the devil, and through his never-failing promises I can remain in him and in his love.

Yes, Jesus loves me, and I want to remain in his love.

O precious Savior, forgive me for not seeing your great love and making it my most priceless possession. Strengthen my faith to hold on to you and to every gracious gift you have secured for me. Amen.

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