Not of This World – May 14, 2018

“They are not of the world, even as I am not of it.”
John 17:16

Not of This World

Daily Devotion – May 14, 2018

Devotion based on John 17:16

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Sarah felt out of place. While she always enjoyed the company of her friends, she noticed something had changed. Initially she just ignored her feelings, but as time went on she felt more and more uncomfortable.

One day she went to her father and wanted to know what he thought. She explained, every time I get together with my friends all they talk about is parties, drinking, their latest escapades with guys, and criticizing other people. Sarah confessed she liked her friends, but she didn’t appreciate their decisions. Her father thought for a moment. Then he asked his daughter, “Do you remember Jesus’ prayer for his disciples?”

What Sarah needed to remember is what I need to understand. As a faithful follower of my Savior, I am unique. Jesus has not only forgiven my sin and purified me from guilt and shame, he has also set me apart for his holy purposes. My life belongs to my Savior. I am not of this world.

The direct result is, that while I live in this world, I do not consider myself a part of it. I have been set free from the selfishness, the self-centeredness, and self-indulgence which defines the world. I have also been set free to serve my Savior and others unselfishly, selflessly, and sacrificially.

Although this is what my Savior has made me, I realize that it will always be a struggle. My sinful, worldly flesh will always seek to gain control. The devil will also tirelessly work to lead me away from my Savior and his will for my life. My strength, my confidence, and my only hope for victory is through Jesus. As my Savior, he provides me with the motivation and the ability to live completely for him. He also assures me, when I do fall, he will be there to forgive me and restore me through his precious love.

How blessed I am to be united to my Savior. How blessed I am to be his faithful disciple. How blessed I am to be “not of this world.”

O dearest Jesus, you have set me apart from this world. Keep me safe. Keep me strong. Keep me yours forever. Amen.

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