Christ for Us – March 15, 2018

Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.
Ephesians 5:6

Christ for Us

Daily Devotion – March 15, 2018

Devotion based on Ephesians 5:6

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To encourage more studying, a college logic professor handed his students a single piece of paper, told them they can put any information they wanted on it, and bring it with them to the next test. Most of the students spent their nights looking through their notes trying to cram as much information as they could onto a single piece of paper. However, one student left his sheet completely blank. He showed up for the test, set the blank piece of paper on the floor, and waited. His friend, who had taken the class a few years earlier and was getting his doctorate in logic, walked through the door and stood on that single piece of paper. With the information his friend provided, he got a 100% on the test.

God did more than give us a cheat sheet on how to get to heaven—he gave us his Son as the answer we need.

God says that we need to be perfect and that our sin earns punishment from him. Our hatred, lust, laziness, and pride, fall short of being perfectly in-line with what God taught us—all these sins mean a payment needs to be made.

Christ loved us and made himself that payment. He was not here to offer some assistance to help us make up the payment. He did not get us started along the path to make things right and then leave us to do the rest. He did not pay for some sins, but not others.

No, Jesus gave up his very self as everything we needed. He was an offering and sacrifice to God for us. By the perfect life he lived and the innocent death he died, we were made right with God. Through faith, God gives us credit for everything Jesus has done for us. That offering and sacrifice that Jesus made—he made for us.

How do we meet the perfect standard God sets? Jesus is the only answer we need!

Dear God, you sent your Son to be the sacrifice to reconcile us to you. May we always trust Christ alone as the only offering and sacrifice we need to be right with you. Amen.

The devotions in March on Thursday and Friday focus on the office of Jesus Christ: Prophet, Priest, and King.

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